Website Development

Boost direct sales with the latest e-commerce technology stack

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Transforming mobile app practices into native app-like experiences to improve user engagement and retention, enhance website speed and accelerate conversions


Leveraging atomic design concepts to create e-commerce friendly user journeys and boosting conversions through a brand-centric, mobile-first approach

3rd Party Integrations

Introducing flexibility by integrating third party modules for payments, logistics, analytics etc and customizing those to match existing operational needs


Utilizing new-age tech to preserve orders, customers and product data when migrating legacy systems for better efficiency and effectiveness


Creating cross-selling and up-selling opportunities powered by machine learning to offer personalized recommendations and increase the emotional quotient of the website

Enhanced Search

Building faster product discovery through AI powered personalized search results and enhancing search features via ML based suggestions to improve conversions

Product Comparison

Driving stickiness of comparison shoppers by refining the decision making stage with dynamic and detailed product comparisons

Distributor / Retailer Portal

Developing B2B centric portals based on tier pricing and seamlessly managing orders, payments, pricing, invoices and logistics to drive efficiency and repeat orders.


Facilitating ticket based 24×7 support, SLAs for resolutions, monitoring business parameters and devising error logs as well as auto alerts to minimize downtime.

Work with a dedicated team of experts to achieve your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms you use to create a new Website?
We work on Shopify and Magento
How do you suggest which platform to use?
We first understand your business and then accordingly suggest which platform (Shopify or Magento) to build your website on.
What will be the timeline for developing a website?
Timeline for developing a website depends on the complexity of the website. For example, the timeline for developing a fully customized frontend website on React Js will be more than that of implementing a theme. Moreover, the timeline will also depend on the features that need to be added to the website.
Can you help us in integration of the third-party services such as logistics, CRM, ERP etc.?
Yes, we integrate third party services with the website if they have plugins or APIs available.
Can you also do the design (UI) of the website?
No, we do not have inhouse UI designers. However, we have our partnered agencies that can help you with the same.

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