Amazon Performance monitoring

Evaluate the performance of your business on Amazon in terms of targets and operations

We use our in-house automated performance monitoring tools to give you data-driven solutions that will help your business achieve it’s goals. This 360° analysis covers all aspects of Amazon such as pricing, inventory, ranking, conversion rate to identify additional market opportunities.


Build a strong and systematic monitoring system

Enable data-driven approach in identifying actionable across all business stages

Reduce time spent in data collection and spend more time in taking actions

Identification and prevention of problems using a detailed root-cause analysis

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In-house built Web Crawler

Continuous data collection and storage through an in-house built auto crawler

Customizable dashboards

Ready-to-use views that are customized as per the parameters identified to achieve business goals

Root-cause analysis

Detailed root-cause analysis to identify the gaps in the performance and business goals

Goal-oriented actionable

Identification of actions and strategies that help in achieving the business goals

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