Amazon Market Entry Strategy

Determine the right product to launch on Amazon and the market size of your product

Obtain a detailed report consisting of relevant competitors and their pricing strategies to better understand the market and the right launch strategy for your product. We assess most relevant competitors on Amazon to understand their product mix as well as their pricing.


Know the right time to launch

Identify the correct product to launch

Forecast sales and inventory in different time spans

Ascertain size of the market for your product category

Click and conversion rates of the various keywords to plan Amazon ads

Capture an optimum amount of market share form the existing competitors``

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Revenue analysis of top players

Revenue details of top players in the concerned product category with the help of our internally developed tools

Sentiment Analysis

Detailed analysis of customers' sentiments related to that product. This ensures that the product is made in a way that helps delivering the product to the masses

Product analysis and recommendation

Detailed analysis on the products and recommend in which size, color or style the product should be launched in the market

Sales and inventory forecast

Forecast sales for 6 months along with required inventory based on our analysis for a new product that gets launched in the market

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