Amazon Demand & Inventory Planning

Maintain the optimum product inventory to achieve your business goals

Use our in-house forecast models to estimate the demand in the market keeping in mind the long term targets of your business


Increase or maintain market share by avoiding loss of sales due to no inventory

Avoid additional costs such as Long Term Storage Fee (LTSF) by Amazon and expired products

Avoid blockage of working capital

Streamline inventory planning to compensate for supply chain issues/delays

Want to know more about Demand and Inventory Planning?

Category-specific Market Research

Market research to estimate growth trends and competitors' strategy to gain market share

Demand Forecast

Monthly sales forecasts based on demand, seasonality, peak days such as Prime Day, Cyber Monday etc

Stock norms

Set stock norms to ensure good inventory availability while avoiding long term storage fees

Inventory planning

Product-level inventory requirement based on market research and supply chain timelines

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