Amazon Buy Box Study

Identify any issues related to your Buy Box to improve the customer buying experience

Buy Box is the ‘Buy Now/Add to Cart’ box that allows users to start their buying journey. Buy Box eligibility and Buy Box % play a key role in conversion rate and eligibility for ads. We use our inhouse crawler to track Buy Box % on an hourly basis which allows us to identify any issues, especially for products with multiple sellers, related to pricing, inventory management, fulfillment and customer experience


Ensure competitive pricing for your products

Smooth customer shopping experience

Optimal seller performance in terms of shipping time, order defect rate, return rate etc.

Higher exposure to seller leading to better conversion rates and sales

Want to analyse your Buy Box?

Evaluate Seller Performance

Metrics related to management of inventory, fulfillment, complaints, seller reviews, etc.

Assess Price Competitiveness

Comparison of prices with historical data, competitors, and other platforms

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